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Pheasant Tower Shoot in Florida

Pheasant Tower Shoot in Florida

Pheasant Tower Shoot

What is a European Pheasant Tower Shoot?

Our European tower shoots are genuinely one of a kind. This was a long time-honored tradition of the kings of Europe. Our course is both challenging and exciting, boasting 11 shooting stations around a 30-foot tall tower. One or two guns will man each station. Pheasants will then be released one at a time. Every 10 to 20 birds, we will rotate stations, giving every shooter the opportunity at a different angle each time. If all stations are full, we will release 220 birds. They are providing fast action and multiple shooting opportunities for everyone. Our tower shoot offers a unique outdoor activity for all, including corporate entertaining and fundraising. Tower shoots are a relaxing and social alternative to traditional Hunting. 

After the shoot, all birds will be collected cleaned and divided equally amongst the shooters. Well the birds are clean you will enjoy a very nice lunch and a fully stocked open bar back at our lodge, As you sit back and enjoy laughter and stories from the other shooters.

Florida Pheasant Shoots

We are all about safety here at Cypress Ridge hunting preserve. You are only allowed to use 2 3/4 inch shells no shot heavier than #6. You must wear eye protection at all times, as well as a safety orange vest. Don’t worry if you don’t have all this stuff. Everything is available to purchase at our lodge. You don’t have a shotgun? Don’t worry; we also have them for rent as well.

 So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to book!!!!

Dates for the shoots: 2022-2023

Oct. 8th, 22nd

Nov. 5th, 19th

Dec. 3rd, 17th

Jan. 7th, 21st

Feb. 4th, 18th

Mar. 4th, 18th

Price: $350 per shooter