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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a guaranteed hunt?

That is the biggest misconception about a high fence operation. When in reality it is quite the opposite if run right. I'm not going to say that there are operations out there that make us look bad because there are, but that is not us. In the State of Florida it is illegal for a high fence operation to hunt over a feeder. with that being said you can go outside our fence on public land and hunt over a feeders. The swamps on our property make it very challenging we have 25 to 30 head a red deer on our place that 9 out of 10 hunters will never see.

What is the best time to come hunting in Florida?

Most of our animals are hunted in the month of August through February. But we have several exotic animals that can be hunted year-round such as Axis deer, aoudad, black buck and oryx. Some of the best hunting is from April through August.

Do you allow any type of weapon?

At Cypress Ridge you can use any type of weapon any time of year. Rifle, Bow, crossbow and pistol. If you are going to bring a bow you already understand that there is a challenge along with that. We do not allow any shots over 40 yards at Cypress Ridge you may want to allow an extra day or two for your hunt.

Are there any hidden fees?

Our prices are very cut-and-dry. We have a daily fee of $250 a day which covers all your lodging, food, beverages, guide, use of walk-in cooler, pick up at airport and drop off and as much ice as you need to get your meat and trophy home. On top of that is our trophy fee for the animal that you harvest. if you draw blood on any animal you pay for that animal whether we find it or not. You are more than welcome to continue hunting but you must know you are paying for that animal. The only thing that we do not include in any of our pricing is gratuity for your guides, taxidermy and meat processing.( we can recommend a taxidermist and a meat processor if you need one)

Do I need to get a Florida license to hunt at Cypress Ridge Hunting Preserve?

No you do not need to go get a hunting license Cypress Ridge Hunting Preserve purchases a blanket license every year which covers all of our Hunters. Which is included in the price of your hunt.

What type of hunting will we be doing?

95% of our hunts are done out of box blinds ( still hunting) It is very difficult to do a spot and stalk style of hunt on our property just because of the different species on our property. We could be stalking Axis deer and run into whitetail deer and they blow everything out of there.

Is it okay to shoot something different from what we booked to come hunt?

Absolutely as long as I am not sold out of those hunts. I tell people to come with an open mind just because we have such a variety of animals on our place. You can be hunting for a blackbuck Antelope and a 34-inch axis deer walks out. I will encourage you to shoot that axis deer because it is a giant.